About Us


“Alphy Music” educational website [by Ali Amirshahi] start to create a comprehensive reference and educational standard, about music with online courses, for all the music lovers in the world to access music content and courses. as well as using the knowledge and experience of the world’s top teachers.  we intend to add research aspects to the site’s set of activities in addition to the term of education, focusing on research content and results.



Knowledge is power. With the necessary knowledge and equipment, you can do things that others think seem impossible. Getting better requires research, education, and application in life. All the experience is at your disposal to progress and help everyone to have a higher artistic understanding.


The purpose of creating Alphy Music is the intellectual and spiritual education of students to create and achieve their goals. With the most up-to-date training method, we will introduce all the necessary paths for you and we will be by your side along the way.